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Design and Technology-Angelo Kotsis free essay sample

In 1996 Kotsis was then undertook a month of work experience for a graphic design company in the Sydney CBD and in 1997 completed another month of work experience for Design Resource’s design consultancy in Crows Nest. Finally in 1998 Kotsis was offered a position in Design Resources and is still currently working there. Designer’s Work Kotsis’ profession requires him to work in partnership with clients in order to design and develop products that not only have an appealing appearance but are also innovative in their design. Kotsis is also required to manage client projects throughout the entire design process Design Process Whenever Kotsis receives a request from an existing or new client, he and his team of designers take note of what the client wants and they create their own criteria for a successful design. After that the team researches what is out there on the market and determine what the competition is like and what kind of design they should aim for. We will write a custom essay sample on Design and Technology-Angelo Kotsis or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page This involves researching existing products and finding ideas on how to make a product look and work differently. Kotsis and his team then design a product that meets the criteria and specifications of the client and work with engineers and manufacturers to test and create prototypes of the design out of foam and wood. At the end of the process, the design is finalised and the manufacturer is given a 3D computer model to create the moulds and tools neded for the creation of the design. Specifications, sizes and measurements are also added with the model to ensure the product comes out as planned. Designers brainstormed ideas for how the new torch could look. Courtesy: Design Resource. Designers used computer aided drawing (CAD) and 3D modelling to communicate their ideas. Photo: Powerhouse Musuem. Kotsis has used this design process and applied it to many of his designs. Kotsis has applied this process to his Showershave design and even used this process to design Disney Bedside Lights. Factors Affecting Design One of Kotsis’ famous designs includes the recently introduced Dolphin Eveready Torch. Aesthetics affected this design due to its water themed streamlined frame to give it a modern look. Function affected this design due to the torch’s ability to use existing batteries that are commonly available. Function also affected the torch’s design because of its versatility, it can be used for any situation and used by anyone ranging from tradespeople to normal people. Another way function affects this design is by incorporating many of the functional aspects of the previous Dolphin Eveready Torch, the new torch is able to shine just as brightly as the old torch and is built to be waterproof. Ergonomics affected this design by benefiting users with the features available such as integrated adjustable stands, large textured ergonomic handles, co-moulded tough rubber lens rings, dual facet reflectors. Design Resource Australia Pty Ltd Angelo Kotsis works at Design Resource. A global design consultancy that develops and designs products for clients from all around the world. Design Resource produces designs and works with overseas workshops to mass produce these designs for their clientele. Many of Design Resource’s manufacturing partners in Asia use mass production factories and techniques to produce for their clients. Design resource is a global company with clients and partners around the world. Design Resource currently employs approximately 30 people, including design teams and administration staff. Design Resource currently has an office in Crows Nest Sydney, where clients are able to meet with designers and where designers are able to work as a team. Design Resource only design in Australia, they’re manufacturing partners currently occupy factories in most of Asia. One benefit of mass producing a product is that it increases the speed of production and allows for the standardisation of parts. Another benefit of their manufacturing choice is that it is also very cost effective because of how cheap overseas workers are. One manufacturing method their partners in Asia use for most products is known as casting, this is where a mould is made and a heated up material is pumped into the mould and allowed to solidify. Design Technologies One of the technologies that Kotsis uses for his designs is through Computer Aided Drawing (CAD). This allowed Kotsis to create a variety of designs and to allow changes to be made quickly to his design. Another technology that Kotsis used in the design of his product was 3D modelling, this technology allowed Kotsis to visualise and see his product without having to ship off specifications and wait weeks for a model. With 3D modelling, Kotsis could see what his design looked like and make changes as necessary. Kotsis also used Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) applications, this is a software that combines the methodologies of Design for Manufacturing and Design for Assembling which signifies that this software is able to take into account how the parts of this product will be made and how these parts will be assembled. Some of the advantages of using these kinds of technologies are that they usually save a lot of time in the design process and allow for mistakes to be corrected with ease. Following the traditional method of drawing and building a prototype takes a lot longer compared to simply designing and viewing a model on a computer. Another advantage is that these types of technologies can be used to design more complex products with ease, the use of CAD and DFMA allow for a designer to really spread their wings and design a product as complicated as they want, whereas the old school approach required a very high level of skill and experience to design a complex product. One of the disadvantages of using these kinds of technologies is the price, all of these complex technologies are very expensive and are not available to everyone, usually only big businesses with a lot of money can afford these technologies. Another disadvantage in using these technologies is how hard these technologies are to use, such complex programs require a person to know exactly what they’re doing and how they’re going to do it. Environmental Issues Kotsis addresses environmental issues in his Dolphin Eveready Torch by making the product’s sustainability a high priority. Kotsis succeeded in making his design environmentally sustainable by always minimising material usage and size specifications wherever he could, Kotsis also minimised the use of non-recyclable plastics and so forth. Kotsis designed the Dolphin torch to use as little material as possible and use recyclable material instead. Kotsis also designed the product to be strong and sturdy to not only live up to its reputation but to also lengthen the life of the torch. Kotsis designed the torch to be longlasting so you don’t have to continuously buy another whenever it breaks. 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