Monday, February 10, 2020

Music and I Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Music and I - Assignment Example Essentially, the playlist motivates me to be comfortable with who I am, not to succumb to fear, to have a positive outlook towards life, and to be thankful of the people who make my life worthwhile. The process of creating this playlist was informed by songs that have helped me overcome different types of challenges in life. The songs are arranged according to the importance they have played in my life in as far as my making me a better person and my overall wellbeing is concerned. Bob Marley’s â€Å"Redemption Song† is a solo recorded acoustic song with very interesting aspects. The beat in the intro is quite unique in that it seems disposable and is not repeated again throughout the song. The rhythms seem syncopated. The song ends on an unusual beat. The limited use of instruments in the song, considering that only an acoustic guitar is used further enhances the mood of the song. Bob’s tempo increases towards the bridge as if he is trying to really force a message on the listener. According to Sylvan (2002), although some songs are not religious in nature, they contain somewhat spiritual and religious messages. This song is one of those songs that helps me to identify with my inner self and focus on aspects of my spirituality thus improving my wellbeing. According to White (2010), the ability of people to achieve wellbeing usually depends on their geographical settings. Labi sang this song as a protest to apartheid and in a bid to encourage black people in South Africa not to give up despite the oppressive political environment. The vocals in this song are simply amazing. Labi has such a wide vocal range that it is difficult not to be drawn to the song even as a first time listener. The song serves as a form of encouragement to me whenever I feel like certain conditions are inhibiting my personal growth. I sing along to the song and I learn how to derive strength from my inner self and not to rely on other

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